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"My favourite thing about EditMe? How easy it is to organise all my stuff!"

Spiritus.pngStarting your own business is both an exciting and difficult experience and nobody knows this better than Felicity Beutler, owner and proprietor of Spiritus Dea Stationary. Knowing she wanted to utilize her artistic talents for creating individual handmade invitations & greeting cards, Felicity needed an online resource that would allow her organize all of her thoughts, products, financial documents and be able to share this information, anywhere and at any time.

That’s where EditMe came in. Using the accessible wiki software, Felicity has begun building her empire and shares her experiences with using EditMe below.

Why do you use EditMe?

I am starting up my own business, and EditMe has been the best way to collaborate all of my ideas and information on getting my business off the ground!

How did you do it before using EditMe?

I hadn't really done anything like this before EditMe, but I fell in love with it straight away, and I don't think there is anything else that could help me as well as this!

What's your favorite thing about EditMe?

My favourite thing about EditMe? How easy it is to organise all my stuff! I can put all my ideas in, I can link it all together, and I can access it anywhere. Plus the fact that I can allow other people to see sections I need them to see, without seeing my private pages.

What would make the experience better for you?

The only thing that would help would be the way the security on the pages works.... It can be a little confusing!

How do you describe EditMe to friends and colleagues?

EditMe is a fabulous collaboration portal- almost like a company's 'Bible' in some ways- a place where you can house anything and everything you need to keep on your business, your life, your plans, anything.

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