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"A great, good value tool to help organise and share content within (and outside) organisations."

pfeg.pngGetting an education is an integral piece to any student’s success but being able to fund that education, as well as establishing yourself as an independent adult after school ends is a whole other story. pfeg or Personal Finance Education Group is an organization that works with schools and colleges across the UK to integrate consistent, quality finance educations for children and young people into the curriculums.

Accessible information is incredibly important when teaching any subject and pfeg understands that it is no different with finance. The company sought to find a wiki resource that allowed their consultants to produce numerous amounts of lessons & materials for their students, and choose EditMe as their primary shared resource center.

Why do you use EditMe?

We are an independent charity in the UK whose mission is to ensure that all young people leaving school have the confidence, skills and knowledge in financial matters to participate fully in society.  We run projects across the 4-19 age range, where our consultants go into schools and work alongside teachers and leadership teams to embed financial capability into the curriculum and school life. They do this by advising on resources listed on our website ( which teach about different as aspects of money and finance, and by working with the teachers to create plans and strategies for getting the most out of their personal finance education.

This is where EditMe comes in – our consultants produce huge amounts of materials, whether it is a short activity on buying a car, a lesson on gearing up for living interpedently, a case study of how a school took part in My Money Week by running a café in school, etc etc.

All of this material produced by consultants, and anything else they want to share with each other, they upload to the wiki. The main section is arranged by financial topic, so that it easy to see all resources which could be used to teach about tax, for example.

How did you do it before using EditMe?

We had another wiki - ClearWiki. Before that, we had lots of confused people searching in other people's folders on the network drive!

What's your favorite thing about EditMe?

The clarity and ease of use, wysiwyg editor, user stats.

What would make the experience better for you?

Better tagging facility, although i know this is coming!

How do you describe EditMe to friends and colleagues?

A great, good value tool to help organise and share content within (and outside) organisations.

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