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"It's an awesome, easy to use online system for keeping all the info I need at my fingertips."

Perfect Form PhysiotherapySpecializing in back pain, sports injury and dance injury treatments, Perfect Form Physiotherapy aims to address all contributing causes of a condition throughout the duration of treatment. Clients often report that other issues that they have had for years have dissipated even without direct treatment, due to the holistic care received at Perfect Form Physiotherapy.

Proof that wiki-based intranets aren't just for high tech companies, Perfect Form Physiotherapy has integrated EditMe into the key roles of strategy, knowledge sharing and operational management of their growing business.

Why do you use EditMe?

We use edit me as a repository of all ideas and information in relation to our online products, treatment techniques and office management. All in all - everything to do with our business! I am also using it as a tool for documenting information from courses that i am taking - so as to share the knowledge with other staff.

How did you do it before using EditMe?

It was ALL over the shop - and very disorganised - a lot of individual folders that i had to lug around from office to office.

What's your favorite thing about EditMe?

I LOVE IT!!!! 

I can throw in ideas at the time, and then go back and clean up later. I can cross link information, and it os so easy to organise and reorganise places for everything. It makes it easy to teach a new staff member about the practice as everything is in one place!

What would make the experience better for you?

Being able to copy and paste images in, instead of having to have a URL, or a easier way to upload images.... However I havent used the help on this... so I will explore a bit!

How do you describe EditMe to friends and colleagues?

That it's an awesome, easy to use online system for keeping all the info I need at my fingertips, in one place. I love it!

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