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"It makes me feel as if we've gathered all our loose straws and tied them all up."

melbourne-seo.png If you're a small agency or consulting services company, it's important to keep track of your team's unique way of doing things. In many ways, this is your agency's secret sauce that separates you from all the other vendors out there that do the same or similar things as you. Case in point, David Jenyns, owner and founder of Melbourne SEO Services, that started as a one man shop and grew to be one of Australia's leading search optimization agencies (or "optimisation" as they say "down under").

In this week's Spotlight On: Melbourne SEO Services, we learn from Grace Maghanoy, one of the nine employees in the agency on how EditMe is used within their team to train new employees on the ways things are done.

Why do you use EditMe?

The company I work for uses EditMe to house all of our in-house training materials. That includes text, images and videos..

How did you it before using EditMe?

We used to upload videos in third party services, put training text in PDF format and ask trainees to view these files.

What's your favorite thing about EditMe?

I like the idea of having everything in one place. It makes me feel as if we've gathered all our loose straws and tied them all up.

What would make the experience better for you?

I guess it would be great if you could increase the default disk space that comes with the packages. The limited disk space may not be a current problem now for me but it might become an issue later. Also, if I were to consider using EditMe for future projects of my own, memory capacity would definitely matter.

How do you describe EditMe to friends and colleagues?

EditMe is a fantastic wiki collaboration tool that makes working on team projects a whole lot easier.

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