Professional Services

EditMe was designed to provide the best balance of CMS-as-a-service simplicity combined with the flexibility of full customization. To that end, we provide custom development and consulting services at an affordable hourly rate. If you would like an estimate for custom development services, please Contact Sales and let us know what you're looking for.

Our Process

No fancy methodologies or charts required. A typical custom development project goes something like this:

  1. You contact us and describe what you'd like done.
  2. We ask follow up questions to get a good understanding of your needs. This can be done over the phone, web chat or email.
  3. We draft a formal proposal describing exactly what we will do, how much it will cost, and how long it will take us. For smaller projects, this is a fixed price quote, not an estimate. For larger projects, we may suggest a fixed price planning engagement to nail down your requirements.
  4. Once approved, we do all the work (at lightning speed) while you go about your business.
  5. Depending on the complexity of your project, we'll deploy it directly to your existing site, or to a temporary test site, for your review.
If you have lots of small changes over time, EditMe can also work on retainer with monthly billing for hours used.

Services Provided

The sky is the limit, but to get an idea, below are some of the services we provide. Also take a look at our blog post: A Review of Custom Development Projects.

Getting Started Consultation

Let us help you make the best use of the EditMe platform to meet your project's needs, including design customization, security configuration, community management, training and content entry.

Site Migration

We can migrate your existing site to EditMe, design and all. Imagine being able to edit every page of your existing web site with EditMe! Pricing is based on the size and complexity of your site.

Open Source Template Implementation

There are hundreds of free open source web designs available. A EditMe offers a listing of open source web design sites, and we can integrate the design of your choice into your EditMe site. Pricing is based on template complexity, but typically ranges from $500-$800.

User Import / Single Sign-on

EditMe can use the login for your existing site instead of maintaining its own user database. Or if you have a large user database you want to import, we can do that, too.

Forms Development

We can build forms for your site that capture information from visitors, send you email notifications,  export data to Excel, and more. 

Professional Web Design

Nothing does more for a web site than high quality professional design work. You can choose to work directly with a designer of your choice and EditMe will work with them to integrate their work into your site. If you don't already have a designer, EditMe can provide design work to fit your goals and budget.

Simple Design Customizations

Want to migrate an existing design, or change the design of your site to suit a specific need? We can do that. Pricing is quoted based on complexity. If what you're asking for is over our heads artistically, we'll refer you to a professional designer.

Custom Application Development

You'd be surprised what EditMe can do. If you have a great idea for a web application and want it developed or prototyped without spending a $1 million in VC funding, give us a shout. 


EditMe's professional services are billed at an hourly rate based on the skills needed to deliver your project. There is a one hour minimum. Customers can pay using a credit card, PayPal, or check.

Request a Quote

Content Manage Any Web Design

EditMe offers an affordable full service CMS solution for existing designs or static web sites. You provide the design (PSD, HTML or other format) and we'll implement it as a custom EditMe skin. Click here for details.

Wire Frames

For complex projects, we'll provide you with detailed wire frames - images of what each screen will look like with descriptive annotations - so that we get it right before any code is written.

Bug Free, Guaranteed

We stand behind our work. Bug fixes are free, unlimited, and do not expire.

No Job Too Small, or Large

Projects can range from a tiny tweak to one of EditMe's features up to large web applications with dozens of screens and complex conditional work flows.


What Our Customers Say

"EditMe team members were always easily accessible to answer questions, offer advice, or take suggestions from me during all the phases of the website's development. It made the entire process very smooth." - Jeremy Cantrell, In Shape Reviews
"EditMe has become a cost effective and indispensable tool for our organization. Support response has always been prompt and the customization services have been nothing less than stellar." - Phil Duncan, Executive Administrator, U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation