Free Up Your Support Staff with Web Documentation

It's a common problem: the people who manage your marketing web site aren't the same people who manage your online documentation or support knowledgebase. The solution: put your documentation and/or support knowledgebase online with EditMe.

Your team will have access to a powerful browser-based editing interface to enter and update content on the fly. Everything is indexed and instantly searchable. Content is organized into a quickly navigable hierarchy. And integrated forums provide the fastest way to create a FAQ database.

Easily view who changed what and when.   Organize content for easy navigation.   EditMe's easy to use browser-based editor.

Engage Your Readers & Gather Valuable Feedback

EditMe provides the optional ability for visitors to comment on every page, giving you a valuable feedback mechanism on your content. You'll be notified via email when new comments are posted, and your team can respond by updating documentation to address questions, omissions and errors as they come up.

An integrated Forums module also provides a simple way to communicate with visitors, and for them to communicate among themselves. Each forum post becomes a page on your site indexed by the built-in search engine, creating a powerful knowledgebase without the extra data entry.

One Stop Shop for Documentation and Downloads

Every page in your EditMe site can be a document library. Uploaded documents can be listed in an attractive area beneath page content. Attached files are included in the site-wide search mechanism. And you can use EditMe's flexible security settings to limit downloads to certain customers.

Full Access to EditMe's Design and Feature Customization Capabilities

EditMe can be highly customized using the powerful embedded development platform and template engine. If you or somebody on your team has web development skills, you can do it yourself. Or use EditMe's affordable professional services to implement that must-have customization.

Easy Editing

No confusing wiki markup to learn. EditMe's in-browser editor works like familiar word processing applications.

Design Customization

EditMe can easily be customized with your company's logo and color scheme. 100% design customization capability allows your EditMe site to exactly replicate your corporate web site design if needed.

Document Management

No more emailing attachments around. Store files with descriptions and version histories.

Find Content Easily

There are many ways for visitors to find content on your site. A full site search capability, including attachments provides quick access. An index of pages provides a complete list of content on your site. And automatic navigation lets you associate pages to create a hierarchical site structure.

See the full list of features.

Examples and Case Studies

Check out the directory of featured customer sites to see how EditMe is being used. Or read our Case Studies for more in-depth information.

"We wanted pages that any of us could edit at any time, that we could expose selectively to others, and to provide an update-notification service to users based on the same security model." - Duff Johnson, Document Solutions, Inc.