Webinar on Demand: Launch a successful software product

A roadmap for making the leap to a Micropreneur model

When: Anytime, On Demand
Speakers: Mike Taber, Co-founder of the Micropeneur Academy and President of Moon River Software
Matthew Mamet, Head of Customer, EditMe
Cost: Free

You have an idea for a new software business and the passion to make it succeed. But, there are things still keeping you at your current job. People like you are called Micro Independent Software Vendors or MicroISVs, and they are very successful and happy. In this webinar with Mike Taber, co-founder of the Micropeneur Academy and President of Moon River Software, we'll explore this first infancy stage of your MicroISV and give you a roadmap that you can follow to successfully make the transition from working for someone else, to working for the boss you know you'll love - you.

Register now for this highly interactive Q and A session. Matthew will ask Mike his opinion and guidance on a variety of topics, including:

  • Validating your idea with potential customers
  • Organizing the flood of your ideas into a coherent strategy
  • Chicken Entrepreneurship - Pro's and Con's
  • Day 1 on your own - what do you need?

About Mike Taber

Mike is Founder and President of Moon River Software. Mike started working full time at Moon River in October of 2005 as a way to bypass the corporate ladder and avoid what would otherwise be a lot of corporate red tape. Over the past 5 years, he has worked with more than a half dozen Fortune 100 companies in various capacities as a developer, consultant and architect. Together with Rob Walling, Mike co-founded The Micropreneur Academy where they help MicroISV's dramatically increase the chance of launching a successful software product using proven techniques.

About Matthew Mamet

Matthew is responsible for customer development at EditMe, and spends lots of time talking with potential and current customers to understand how to make EditMe better. Prior to EditMe, Matthew was Director of Product Marketing at PermissionTV, a SaaS-based online video product, and President of Embarc where he worked alongside Matt and led the sale of the Agency to Garfield Group of Pennsylvania.

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The Presenters

Mike Taber
Mike Taber, Co-founder of The Micropreneur Academy and Founder Moon River Software.

Matthew Mamet Matthew Mamet, Head of Customer at EditMe