Webinar on Demand: Avoid The Post Launch Flop, with Jeff Cutler

When: Anytime - On Demand
Speakers: Matthew Mamet, Head of Customer, EditMe
Jeff Cutler, Content Specialist and Social Media Journalist
Cost: FREE

You're considering starting a collaborative website. You have a basic understanding of the web technology you need to start either a public or private community, and social media tools required to spread the buzz.

That's great, but it's only part of the effort. Don't launch your community until you know how to get people interested in your conversation, how to get them signed up, and get them participating in your online community. If you launch without these secrets to success, you launch with a big bang followed by a big flop and letdown.

About Matthew Mamet

Matthew is responsible for customer development at EditMe, and spends lots of time talking with potential and current customers to understand how to make EditMe better. Prior to EditMe, Matthew was Director of Product Marketing at PermissionTV, a SaaS-based online video product, and President of Embarc where he worked alongside Matt and led the sale of the Agency to Garfield Group of Pennsylvania.

About Jeff Cutler

Jeff Cutler is a skilled communicator in traditional and new media. He's a recognized marketing expert and has been tapped to train large and small organizations in the use of social media tools. His latest social media and content specialist roles have been as a guest panelist at the Metro-West Chamber of Commerce's recent Social Media for Business session, and as a hired trainer/presenter for one of the region's largest insurance organizations. Jeff has also trained small business owners in the art and craft of using social media to connect with customers. He's an expert in using Twitter, Facebook and the myriad other tools that help individuals and businesses communicate their content to various audiences.

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The Presenters

Matthew Mamet Matthew Mamet, Head of Customer at EditMe

Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler, Content Specialist and Social Media Journalist