EditMe Case Study: Insuropedia - An Insurance Resource Wiki

When it comes to insurance claims, getting a straight answer can be difficult—even for those in the industry. The claim experts at Claim Solutions Pty Ltd. say the confusion related to insurance claims stems from three key factors:

  1. The phrasing used in insurance policies greatly differ.
  2. Interpretations of policies vary from person to person.
  3. Negotiation of settlements are aimed at satisfying the interests and views of many, sometimes opposing, participants.

With such subjective variables, insurance industry professionals needed a place to discuss issues and educate the general public. Unfortunately, few online resources directly related to claims and settlements were available. Joe Willis of Claim Solutions Pty Ltd. decided that he needed to provide an outlet for all professionals in the industry—so he began to research his options.

Wiki — The Ideal Online Structure

The idea of sharing, building, and interacting via the Internet left only a few structuring options. After a short deliberation period, Joe quickly realized that a wiki would best suit his needs. 

Through the wiki platform, Joe was able to create Insuropedia.com, a searchable, international knowledge base all about insurance. Insured persons are invited to search the database or post a question, while insurance professionals are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways:

  • Post articles and conference papers
  • State opinions and interpretations.
  • Initiate discussions on various topics.
  • Offer assistance to others.
  • Build personal or company profiles.
  • Establish credibility.

A Careful Comparison Placed EditMe in the Lead

Joe Willis knew he was looking for more than just wiki software to build Insuropedia.com. To begin, Joe and his colleagues created a list of possible service providers and then compared them based on the following criteria:

  1. Hosting packages
  2. Ability to register multiple users
  3. Cost
  4. Ease of use
  5. Flexibility

During the search, EditMe stood apart from the competition. “We ultimately decided on EditMe because it has an inviting and easy-to-use interface, accepts multiple users that can be grouped for collaboration, has an intuitive editing window, includes skins which are adaptable, and offers a price that is cost-effective,” says Joe.

As an added bonus, Joe discovered that with EditMe all information loaded on to the wiki becomes immediately searchable.  That means that companies loading their newsletters onto Insuropedia.com have an immediate online index of their material that is instantly accessible to potential customers. “I continue to be impressed and surprised by the breadth of EditMe’s services.”


"I continue to be impressed and surprised by the breadth of EditMe’s services."
- Joe Willis, Claim Solutions Pty Ltd.

The Challenge 
  • Create an informational website that is accessible to both insurance industry professionals and the general public.
  • Allow professionals to post articles and start discussions while individuals search the database and post questions.
  • Develop a site that allows multiple users to register for an economical price.

The Solution 
  • EditMe’s easy-to use format makes sites feel accessible to all types of end-users.
  • EditMe offers wiki development software that allows registered users to post information and public users to search the database.
  • EditMe features many packages that allow multiple users to register for one low price.