Community & Collaboration Wikis

The heart of EditMe is a flexible wiki that invites collaboration into the process of content creation. With a powerful rich text editor similar to familiar word processing applications and one-click editing for every page, building and managing a wiki has never been easier. Don't take our word for it... EditMe won PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for wikis.

Choose from over a dozen attractive designs.   See what's changed across the entire site in one place.   Visitors can comment on every page.

Flexible Access Controls: Keep it Simple... or Not

EditMe provides an intelligent set of simple security options that meet the needs of most wiki and content management sites. Need more power? No problem - an embarrassment of access control features awaits your exploration. Manage users into multiple Groups and create Policies that specify what each Group can do.

Keep Informed of Changes to Your Site

EditMe embraces the power of wikis with just the right mix of powerful collaboration tools and ease-of-use simplicity. Multiple users editing the same page? No problem - EditMe merges the differences automatically. Need to know what's changed? EditMe will email you a report of changes, or stay informed with your site's RSS feed. And built-in statistics reports let you know what parts of your site are most popular.

Pricing that Won't Limit Your Site's Growth

Unlike most wiki services, EditMe does not charge per user. Whether your wiki community is 50 or 500 strong, the price is the same. See Pricing for details.

Need some crazy extra feature? Go ahead and add it.

EditMe can be highly customized using the powerful embedded development platform. If you or somebody on your team has web development skills, you can do it yourself. Or use EditMe's affordable professional services to implement that must-have customization.

Easy Editing

No confusing wiki markup to learn. EditMe's in-browser editor works like familiar word processing applications.

Concurrent Editing

Don't worry about two people editing the same page at the same time. It will work.

Document Management

No more emailing attachments around. Store files with descriptions and version histories.

Flexible Access Controls

Tell EditMe who can do what by setting a few simple rules. Over-ride them when it makes sense.

See the full list of features.

Examples and Case Studies

Check out the directory of featured customer sites to see how EditMe is being used. Or read our Case Studies for more in-depth information.

"Every time I look for a hosted wiki, I forget about EditMe and try other options. I always end up at EditMe. It has the right mix of features at the right price." - T. Flynn, Helium