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A Web Publishing Powerhouse

Easy Editing

A robust web-based editor enables anyone who can use a word processor to update site content.

SEO Friendly

EditMe follows industry best practices to ensure your site is found by search engines.

Document Management

No more emailing attachments around. Store files with descriptions and version histories.

Images & Video

Upload and insert rich content into your site content quickly and easily.


Do all the things that can't be done in wiki markup. You have complete control, if you want it.

Multiple Blogs

Invite every member of your group to contribute to a blog on the site.

Version Control

Never lose work because of a silly mistake. Change your mind with ease.

Concurrent Editing

EditMe automatically merges content edits from multiple users and provides conflict resolution if needed.

Page Templates

Help content contributors get going with some pointers and starter text.

You Are the Webmaster

Stop paying (and waiting) for somebody else to update your web site.

Simple, Clean & Easily Customized Designs

Choice of Designs

Choose any of two dozen attractive designs to apply to your site.

Design Customization

Don't break a sweat putting your logo and tag-line in the header with your color brand.

Layout & CSS Editing

You have complete 100% control over your site's HTML layout and CSS, without leaving your browser.

100% Design Customization

Any web design can be ported to an EditMe site. Use your web development skills or EditMe's affordable professional services.

Organize Site Content Easily

Automatic Navigation

Organize your pages by simply relating them to each other and watch the navigation fall into place.

Site Search

Let visitors find what they're looking for in a flash. Never lose a piece of content again.

Index of Pages

All of the pages on your site listed in one convenient place, automatically.

Security & Access Controls (more details...)

User Types

Three simple user types make it easy to think about who can do what on your site.

Access Controls

Tell EditMe who can do what by setting a few simple rules. Over-ride them when it makes sense.

Security Customization

Things are nice simple by default, and robust security tools are available when needed.

Self Registration

Let people self-register and save yourself the hassle of creating users. Be notified by email.

Audit Registrations

Let your users manage self-register without opening up your site to public registrations.

Secure Encryption

SSL encryption keeps content on your site private and secure.

Spam Prevention

Asking people to type a simple word when editing or commenting prevents spam.

Communication & Collaboration

Page Comments

Optionally let your visitors tell you what they think on any page on your site.

RSS Feed

Keep informed of recent changes to your site from your favorite RSS reader.

Change Notifications

If you prefer email, EditMe will send a summary of new changes at the interval of your choice.

Email All Users

Easily send a message to everyone (or selected groups or users) registered on your site.


Simple post and reply forums provide online discussion areas. Each topic becomes a searchable page on your site.

Recent Changes

Quickly see what's changed on your site, who changed it and when.

Email Forms

Build yourself a little Contact Us form. Everybody's got one.

To Do Lists

Easily embed interactive task lists into any page to keep track of progress.

Administration Tools

Custom Domains

Make your site truly unique with your own domain, as in


We've got your back covered. If you want to cover it as well, you can.

Export Content

We won't hold your data for ransom. Get your content out easily in HTML, XML or MySQL formats.

Access Reports

Find out how popular your site is, and with whom.

Account Management

Manage multiple sites within your account. Create, upgrade or cancel a site online at any time.

Site Licensing

Need a whole ton of sites? Ask us about site licensing options.

Development Platform (geek stuff details...)

XML Layouts

Intuitive XML-based templates are combined with CSS to create a system that any web developer can easily work within and customize.

JavaScript API

Every web developer knows JavaScript, meaning any of them can work on your site. Server-side JavaScript means application code can be written at lightning speed.

Read/Write Content

The API has read/write access to all site content, comments, attachments, users, groups, and so on.

Data Storage

A simple key/value database provides fast and flexible storage of your choice of data formats.

JavaScript Object DB

Store and retrieve complex JavaScript objects with a single line of code.



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