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Wakefly, Inc. today announced its acquisition of online collaboration software creator EditMe.   EditMe’s leading software technology includes an easy-to-use, fully customizable hosted wiki software solution.  With the addition of EditMe’s robust solutions, Wakefly’s comprehensive web development service will be able to build enhanced collaborative platforms, social intranets, knowledgebases and workflow applications across online environments.

“Joining forces with Wakefly will help make our common vision of building great web sites, wikis and applications at a reasonable price a reality.  Wakefly’s breadth of experience will ensure that our user experiences continue to flourish,” said Matt Wiseley, the Founder of EditMe.

“EditMe is a remarkable platform because of its ease-of-use, adaptability and low cost of ownership. We look forward to continuing to drive additional product developments true to the EditMe vision,” said Dean Dorazio, the CEO of Wakefly.com. “EditMe customers can continue to expect the same great service, reliability, security and pricing as before, with the addition of unparalleled access to Wakefly’s technology and marketing services.”

About Wakefly

Wakefly is a web development and online marketing firm specializing in web design, web development and lead generation tools that will deliver a high return on investment in the competitive digital landscape. Wakefly offers a proven process to align marketing goals with the web design and development process, in order to build high performance web assets.  Their expert team, with diverse backgrounds in marketing, technology, and creative, has the combined experience to make marketing easy. Wakefly is a privately held company based in Westborough, Massachusetts.  For more information, please visit http://www.wakefly.com or call 508-616-2042.

What this Means for EditMe Customers

As an existing EditMe customer, what does the Wakefly acquisition mean to you? EditMe will continue to operate as the product you know and love, enabling online collaboration and easy-to-use web publishing solutions to new and existing customers. With access to Wakefly's proven Internet marketing expertise, we expect to greatly expand EditMe's reach, helping to grow and improve the product significantly in the coming years. You'll get a better product faster, and with access to Wakefly's amazing services team for customization and application development.

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a note. We'd be happy to answer them!

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