EditMe Featured in GigaOM Article: Easy Wiki Creation and Collaboration

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GigaOM articleGigaOM's WebWorkerDaily section published an article today about EditMe titled EditMe: Easy Wiki Creation and Collaboration. Written by Scott Blitstein of BatchBlue (a fellow Boston-area company), it chronicles the process of finding and putting to use a tool that the fast-rising startup could use as a centralized knowledgebase. 

"Many teams have information spread across multiple systems owned by different people; creating a shared knowledge base of information that can be accessed and updated by everyone can be incredibly valuable. As part of a rapidly growing company with product lines that are continually evolving, I was recently tasked with choosing a platform for the storage of product and company data, to bring together the information currently housed in Google Docs, emails and elsewhere." Scott Blitstein, BatchBlue

It's hard to better describe EditMe's reason for existence! Every company that uses computers has this type of information scattered about on Google Docs, emails, or <gasp> the dreaded shared network folder.

Batchbook - Your Social CRMScott goes on to make a strong case for use of wiki technology as a shared knowlegebase in a fast growing company. BatchBlue also has a great article on their web site about their experience running a virtual office. In it, Pamela O'Hara writes, "At BatchBlue we use an assortment of products and services for organizing and sharing our information. Our current wiki is maintained using the hosted EditMe service and is used heavily as a repository for numerous administrative and technical documents."

We're thrilled to be a part of what makes another successful business run more efficiently. 

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