Development News: A Universal Widget API

Wednesday, April 25, 2007  

A new customer turned us onto NetVibe's Universal Widget API (UWA). If you're not familiar with NetVibes, it's a place to set your browser's home page that can be personalized with RSS feeds and myriad other widgets. What's intriguing about UWA is that it has the promise of allowing widgets to be seamlessly shared across multiple platforms and services. We're pretty excited about that prospect, and wanted to put a feeler out to customers to see if this would be of interest.

A feature that will allow widgets to be easily added to any web site (like EditMe) is in the works at NetVibes now. When it is released, check here for a post to help you drop a few widgets into your site. In the mean time, many of the widgets currently available use a simple IFRAME mechanism that allows easy insertion into EditMe right now. Here's a Sudoku widget that uses an IFRAME:  

This can be added just like the calendar widgets explained in the last Tip of the Week. Create a new text-editor page, paste in the IFRAME tag, and then use an include tag to place it in other pages.


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