Development Platform

Web Applications, Web Prototyping, and Web Content Management

Imagine a Wiki or CMS in which any page can be a server side script that implements whatever dynamic functionality you dream up. That's EditMe. No FTP servers, compilers or IDEs required. EditMe's API uses server-side JavaScript and our templates use XML, so there are no new languages to learn. A single front end web developer can quickly create collaborative web applications that previously required a team of back end developers weeks or months to build, test, and deploy.

Edit code right within your web browser.
Edit code right within your web browser.

Unprecedented Access to Custom Wiki Features, Capabilities, and Design

The same technologies used by our Services Team are also available to you. EditMe's rich API allows you to programmatically read and write all aspects of site data in addition to an unstructured key/value pair data store that can be used to store and retrieve plain text, CSV, XML, or the data format of your choice.

Rapid Web Prototyping and Development Platform for Web Applications

Leveraging EditMe's built-in content management features, these technologies allow web developers to create collaborative web applications and content management solutions with very little effort. Best of all, the entire platform is hosted and managed by EditMe on powerful Linux servers for an affordable monthly fee - no more servers to procure, configure, test, monitor and patch.

Learn More

To learn more, start with our online Developer's Guide. Check out the Layout Tutorial for a quick introduction. To go deeper, see the  full JavaScript API documentation.

Web Agencies get paid to develop websites faster and cheaper

If you're a consultant, freelancer or agency, consider making EditMe your content management development platform of choice. Take advantage of a lucrative Affiliate Program that provides per-sale and recurring revenue to reward you for bringing us new business.

Content Management for Any Web Design

EditMe offers an affordable full service CMS solution for existing designs or static web sites. You provide the design (PSD, HTML or other format) and we'll implement it as a custom EditMe skin.

XML Layouts & CSS Web Design

Intuitive XML-based templates are combined with CSS to create a system that any web developer can easily work within and customize.

Server-side JavaScript API

Every web developer knows JavaScript, meaning any of them can work on your site. Server-side JavaScript means application code can be written at lightning speed.

Read/Write Web Content & Data

The API has read/write access to all site content. If you need more structure, complex JavaScript objects can be stored and retrieved with a simple key-based data store.

See the full list of features.

Examples and Case Studies

See our directory of featured customer sites to learn how EditMe is being used. Or read our Case Studies for more in-depth information.

"I have worked on multiple development platforms ranging from open source to proprietary and find the EditMe platform to be one of the best. The API allows for easy data integration while not having to worry about the specifics of database management, configuration, etc. It's also excellent for those who want a ready to go content management system." - Milo Caruso, Web Developer