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pc_magazine.gifEditMe offers an impressive WYSIWYG page editor. It's easy to attach images and files and to insert images and tables into a page. The combination of granular security control and easy editing makes EditMe a versatile choice.”
- Richard V. Dragan, PC Magazine
Seth Godin's Blog"Bigger than Blogging. I'm working on this new secret project, and we're using (EditMe). I have to say, I can't imagine ever again collaborating with anyone for any reason without using a wiki. This is just a huge advance in the way people do projects.”
- Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur, agent of change.

Businesses of all sizes worldwide love using EditMe's wiki solutions

  • "I am really pleased with how the site is looking and am just writing a quick 'how to' for our staff, but the system itself is so easy to use, and the help so useful, that it will be much briefer than the guidelines we had before. Thanks again for a great product and brilliant service..." - Anna Foster, IT & Website Manager

  • "I'd like to say that we have been 1000% satisfied with everything EditMe has done for us." - Emily Cotlier, Senior Technical Writer, Aviat Networks

  • "I looked at several wikis as possible candidates for a class literature research & writing project at Dalhousie University. I settled on EditMe as the simplest to use, but with advanced features. Students peer reviewed others' work, posted comments and authors revised their work accordingly. There were never any significant technical difficulties and EditMe responded very quickly to queries. Students also appreciated the venue. I highly recommend it for this type of endeavour." - David G. Patriquin, Professor of Biology, Dalhousie University

  • "I e-mailed EditMe at almost 9 p.m. after I had accidentally deleted some pages I needed for my site to open properly. EditMe responded almost immediately and fixed the issue. He was a lifesaver, as I was presenting the site the next morning and needed it fixed right away. The service was some of the best I ever had. I was very grateful for the excellent customer service!" - Stephany Schings, Communications Manager, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  • "I have always had wonderful experiences dealing with Editme tech support. Replies are quick, easily understood, and help me solve any issue I may be having. " - Randy Berndt, Teacher, Rosholt High School

  • "Service is tremendous!!! A+++. Incredibly fast turnaround. I'm a delighed customer." - Malcolm Greene, Brooks-Durham

  • "I really appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into keeping the site up; we basically run our business online, and there are few sites I've been working with for this long that haven't had significant uptime issues at one time or another." - Elizabeth @ criteriaforsuccess

  • "I want to thank Matt Wiseley for EditMe. Hundreds of mom-and-pop businesses get their entire revenue through our software at Cerium. That means high stakes when they get stuck. They go first to our EditMe site for help, any time of day or night. Every new question we answer for the first time goes onto our EditMe site that same day. EditMe makes it fast and easy for us to keep up with that. We could not begin to support so many users without EditMe. Matt has been quick to help when we have questions ourselves, and patient with our mistakes. He has been a big part of our success. Get EditMe onto your team." - John Hicks

  • "I have tried two other wiki engines in the past years - both nabbed a considerable amount of years from my life expectancy. I spent countless hours of comparing wiki engines and playing with test accounts. But bottom line was always the same: Wikis are made by programmers for programmers. So far, is a DREAM! I can honestly say that I have not had a single issue yet. Not with the scope of functionality, nor with the usability, nor with the WYSIWYG. Yorktown is a great template, the user administration is easy. Great job!" - Hans Fremuth

  • " I recently tried EditMe as a solution to a mini-site project with a ridiculous deadline. Iím happy to say that I was able to hop right in, do some custom tweaks to one of your templates, and get a site live in three days. Bravo to you for making it so easyóespecially to get to the code base when needed to do those custom tweaks." - Faye Ackeret

  • "EditMe team members were always easily accessible to answer questions, offer advice, or take suggestions from me during all the phases of the website's development. It made the entire process very smooth." - Jeremy Cantrell, In Shape Reviews

  • "As the new Secretary of a Special District, I was looking for a way to enhance communication between the Board and the public. I am not a very technical person, but with no more instruction than viewing your demo, I was able to build an interactive web site with all the features I had imagined. Your program works exactly the way I thought it should, making it very intuitive to me. Kudos!" - Tara Budinger, Paonia Mosquito Control District

  • "I was instantly hooked; not only was the interface simple and pretty, but the editor was intuitive and more powerful than any other wiki-service I had seen." - Ben Rimes, Technology Teacher

  • "With EditMe, all of the students have accounts just for the Kidpedia, and I have complete control over who can register and how the users interact with the site. That adds a level of protection and control that is often needed in education." - Ben Rimes, Technology Teacher

  • "I have yet to find any flaws with EditMe, and thus far it's been worth every penny that my school has paid for it. No advertisements, complete control over the user base, and a distinct site that's clearly our own has made using EditMe a worry free experience in my computer lab." - Ben Rimes, Technology Teacher

  • "EditMe doesn't require technical expertise, and so we're able to have many people in our organization contribute to it. We've been pleasantly surprised and happy with our experience." - Jennifer Beyer, CPMA Member Services

  • "My experience with EditMe has been that the webmaster is almost never needed by the content authors. The amount of positive feedback about the site was very rewarding." - Peter Bramah, Web Master

  • "Please know how much I appreciate this service. I had some serious difficulties with the wiki guys who named themselves after a sandwich, and I am so glad I made the switch. And the connection that you have is great, too. Keep up the good work!" - Dr. Jeffry Rummel, University of Connecticut School of Business

  • "I have worked on multiple development platforms ranging from open source to proprietary and find the EditMe platform to be one of the best. The API allows for easy data integration while not having to worry about the specifics of database management, configuration, etc. It's also excellent for those who want a ready to go content management system." - Milo Caruso, Web Developer

  • "We used several Intranet products before EditMe, including, and Webex, but their per-user pricing models limited our ability to deploy the solution beyond organizational officials - we still could not actively involve all members in the collaborative communication opportunities these solutions offered. EditMe's unlimited users per single low-priced monthly subscription meant our non-profit could finally afford to grant access to all of our 7,000 members." - Phil Duncan, Executive Administrator, U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation

  • "We evaluated dozens of wiki software packages and hosted wiki solutions over a six month period before settling on EditMe. We even tested a number of content management solutions, but all proved too complex and inflexible for our needs. EditMe was hands-down the simplest, easiest to use solution among all that we evaluated." - Phil Duncan, Executive Administrator, U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation

  • "Every time I look for a hosted wiki, I forget about EditMe and try other options. I always end up at EditMe. It has the right mix of features at the right price." - T. Flynn, Helium

  • "EditMe is a good solution for us because 99.99% of the time, it just works and we don't have to think about it." - Dr. Frank Chance, President, FabTime, Inc.

  • "We wanted pages that any of us could edit at any time, that we could expose selectively to others, and to provide an update-notification service to users based on the same security model." - Duff Johnson, Document Solutions, Inc.

  • "At this juncture, I must congratulate EditMe for providing a really superb tool. It addresses most of the issues that crop up when non-geeks try to put up full-feature web sites. I must say that you guys have done a great job. Keep it up." - Arjun Rajagopalan

  • "EditMe is the perfect platform for our community watershed group. Board members edit the pages, the secretary posts the minutes and anyone can add comments. Superb product and super value, we wouldn't have a website without EditMe." - Andrew Lush Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group

  • "EditMe was great and really demonstrated the power of wikis as knowledge, learning and collaboration tools." - Elliott Masie, The Learning Consortium

  • "We utilized our EditMe site to serve as an event and post-event wiki for 1,500 training and learning professionals from around the world. The participants included executives from IBM, Microsoft, US Navy, United Nations and Target. They were all blown away by how easy it was to use the features of EditMe." - Elliott Masie, The Learning Consortium

  • "We have been a customer of yours for quite a long time and have loved your site. You have done a great job creating one of the nicest looking and easy to use interfaces on the web." - G. Willett

  • "I've been using EditMe for two weeks now, and I have to say that this site is incredible." - A. W. G. Coleman, Science Fiction Author

  • "As our website and skills with EditMe improved we decided to move to our own domain. The tech support was very responsive and efficient. Moving to the new domain didn't affect our position on the search engines. We have been on top pages since the day we started, as the EditMe system is 100% search engine friendly." - Jose Esteban Saa Barona

  • "I have been using Editme for two years and love the site. I have introduced it to several other consultants who routinely use it with their clients." - Craig Miller, Consultant

  • "After looking at Atlassian, wikispaces, JotSpot, SocialText, Kwiki, Zwiki, and Perspective, I found EditMe which is perfect. Not only is it easy to use, has an Index that actually works, has a fast obvious way to add comments, but it also has user controls and email changes! Ya'll have done a great job." - Glynn

  • "EditMe has been an invaluable addition to my Senior Honors Seminar on the decline and fall of superpowers. My students find EditMe not only easy to learn, but a lot of fun... even "addictive" in some cases! I highly recommend EditMe to ALL teachers interested in using Wikis with their students." - Joe Hughes, Professor of Classics, Southwest Missouri State University

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