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EditMe’s easy-to-use features promote cross-enterprise communication giving employees, partners and customers an online place for immediate, positive impact on productivity, accelerating the growth of your business. Allow every member of the team to contribute, creating an innovative, synergistic and process driven work environment.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Transform the Nature of Your Communication
  • Intuitive Editor and Custom Designs
  • Create and Distribute Information Faster
  • Security and Reliability
  • Business Wiki Setup is Simple

Transform the Nature of Your Communication

While normal communication within your business usually comes from the top down, a business wiki allows every member of the team to contribute, creating a innovative and synergistic work environment.

Allow any team member to share content, documents, ideas and media in seconds, no matter what the format. EditMe accepts Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, media, and more – upload and share them all.

Intuitive Editor and Custom Designs

Working entirely within your web browser, your team has absolute control over your intranet's HTML layout and CSS. EditMe makes it easy to match your website's design by using your web development skills or EditMe's affordable professional services. Anyone on your team can create rich content pages complete with links, images, document, media, and more, allowing you to share ideas seamlessly.

Create and Distribute Information Faster

EditMe's interface encourages collaboration, getting all participants in the project the same information, acting as a replacement for knowledge bases and frequently asked questions (FAQs). EditMe’s Quick Navigation and Search makes sure your team can find what they are looking for, fast. 

Security and Reliability

EditMe offers your business a completely private environment, where you can safely share confidential documents and information with all members of your team, no matter what size. You will have the means to manage the different levels of access to secure information inside your company. And, to ensure this, all information that travels to our servers is SSL encrypted.

Business Wiki Setup is Simple

EditMe doesn't burden you with long and expensive sales negotiations. We offer you a 30-day free trial, instant setup, and no credit card required. If you like it, you can begin right away. There are no limitations on the number of pages your organization can create or users it can have. We keep our service simple so that you can spend more time paying attention to your customers and less time fighting with a difficult-to-manage, hard-to-learn tool.