Boston Needs a Calagator

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CalagatorPerusing session notes from Recent Changes Camp 2009, I came across a mention of Calagator, a unified calendar for the technology community of Portland, Oregon.  The site is a custom Rails application that serves as an events calendar with wiki-style open posting and editing. The data model is simple: Events and Venues. The site’s narrow focus, open access and simplicity make it a great resource. It also shows that Portland has a very active technology culture.

I’ve been watching for technology events in the Boston area, and find out about most of them via Twitter. Nothing like this site exists for Boston, and I know there are probably a lot of great tech events going on that I just don’t know about - or find out about too late.

Here’s the good news. Calagator is an open source project hosted at Google Code. So setting up a site like this for the Boston area is possible without reinventing the wheel. I’m not a Rails guy, but am willing to learn - just a matter of finding time. If there’s a Rails person in the Boston area that would be willing to partner on this, I’d be happy to procure a domain and provide hosting. There are a few threads on the developer’s mailing list that indicate the code is fairly ready for reuse in this way. My sense is that setup, configuration and customization might be a lot for a Rails n00b to take on. If you’re interested in getting involved (and especially if you’re a Rails developer) let me know.

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