AmazonFail Prompts the Creation of a Site that Doesn?t Discriminate

Bookmark and Share Monday, August 10, 2009

AmazonFailA recent case study at EditMe highlights GLBT Bookshelf:

"After the infamous AmazonFail, when the popular online bookseller was accused of denying GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) books access to its promotional systems, Mel Keegan was prompted to take a closer look at the way GLBT books were categorized and subjugated all over the web.

"Most consumers rely on large search engines and companies to find book recommendations and information. But when these entities filter out content that is related to gay literature and books or fence them into a separate category that is not offered the same promotional services, potential readers are left without the information necessary to make purchasing decisions. In turn, authors of such books are robbed of the opportunity to be noticed in the way that many mainstream authors are.

"Fueled by the AmazonFail news, Keegan decided to create the GLBT Bookshelf: an online community of writers, artists, publishers, reviewers and readers where the emphasis is on gay books."

Read the rest of the case study...

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