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EditMe serves a broad range of web publishing needs. Here are just a few ideas.


A Wiki is a web site that anyone can edit. Wikis are rapidly gaining popularity for editing "democratic information", when a large or small group of distributed contributors collaborate on a living web site. See Wikipedia for one of the best examples of Wiki collaboration. You can easily configure your EditMe site to be publicly editable, or you can provide a private wiki space to a select group of individuals.

Group Collaboration Sites

EditMe makes a perfect small business intranet, coursework site, or team collaboration tool. Administrators can open up sections of the site for editing by registered users, and restrict sections (or even the whole site) so that only registered users can see them. The makers of EditMe use it as an intranet to document projects and policies. An author might write a book using EditMe and allow editors, co-authors, and other contributors to make edits.

Small Business Web Sites

EditMe provides a robust content management solution for your small business web site. Imagine being able to easily edit all the content on your web site without having to pay a web developer to do it for you. You can easily control who can edit each page or section, and content is always versioned for safety. EditMe offers Professional Services that can help you migrate an existing site, and we work with talented freelance designers that can help you make your vision a reality. Our existing platform and simple development tools makes EditMe an affordable choice compared to web development agencies.

Customer Support Knowledgebase

Not only is this site an EditMe site, but so is our customer support wiki. Whether you choose to invite customer edits or not, EditMe makes a great support knowledgebase. Simply create a new page for every topic and direct visitors to the site search. EditMe reduced customer support tickets by 30% when we directed customers to search the support wiki for a solution before submitting a ticket. Best of all, EditMe's intuitive tools makes it easy for your entire support team to manage and contribute to the site content.

Personal Web Sites or Blogs

Want to share your thoughts, resume, or hobby with the world? EditMe is a perfect solution. Whether you're all business and are trying to find a job, or want to post your daily navel contemplations, this is the tool with the most flexibility. Our library of user-editable stylesheets is always growing, allowing your site to express the look and feel you want. Want a Blog? Just make a new page for every entry, or use one page per week. Unlike the Blog services, EditMe lets you make any kind of page you want. And of course there are no banner ads.

Any Site Where Content Is King

EditMe is not limited to any particular kind of site. This web site, for example, is all about EditMe, and it is itself an EditMe site.

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