Product Release: Invite your LinkedIn Connections

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linkedin.pngNow you can easily invite your LinkedIn connections to participate in your EditMe site.

The Invite Users button now prompts for either email address entry or LinkedIn import. If you click the LinkedIn option, EditMe authenticates you with LinkedIn and then provides a list of your connections for you to choose from. You have complete control over the subject and message that is sent and which connections it is sent to. And you'll receive a copy of the message so you can see what your connections will see.


LinkedIn is the #1 business networking site. Since most customers use EditMe for business, it was an obvious first choice. Let us know in the comments what other social networks or email tools you'd like to see import tools for.

We also heard feedback that it wasn't clear at first how to select users in the new User Management screen. You could click anywhere in the row for a given user to select it, but there was no visual cue. So we've added stars next to each user to make it easier.


Next up is some work to improve the look and feel of the Settings and editing interfaces. Stay tuned!

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