New Release Updates Editing and Settings Screens

Bookmark and Share Thursday, June 10, 2010

EditMe released an update today that includes many changes to EditMe's site settings and editing screens. These enhancements were made to provide a more polished and consistent look and feel for these screens, make better use of screen real estate and a more stable editing and working environment.

Watch a Video Highlighting the New Changes

Comments and Recent Changes Now Use Your Site's Skin

The comments and recent changes screens used to open in a basic page layout that looked different from the rest of your site. Both of these screens are now displayed within the context of your site's default look and feel, just like any other page.

Updated Editing Screen

The editing screen has been redesigned to make better use of screen real estate and provide a more personalized editing interface for your site. The editing screen now includes your site's title at the top and a customizable logo. These elements are also carried through to all of your site's Settings screens.

The tabs at the top of the editing screen have been moved to the left, providing more vertical and horizontal space to work within. The editor resizes automatically with your browser window, making the most use of the space available without having to resize the editor separately.

Updated Settings Screens

The Site Settings screens have also been redesigned to use the same look and feel as the new editing screen. The drop down menu at the top has been moved to collapsible menus in a left navigation bar.

A new Dashboard Design screen has been added that lets you change the background color and logo displayed on the editing and setting screens of your site.

See the video above for a visual walk-through of this latest release. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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