Features: Web Collaboration

EditMe Web Collaboration EditMe is a powerful collaboration tool. Information can be organized democratically and edited by multiple users to create a single location for reference, research, project, team, or company information.

  • Forum module provides simple threaded communication around topics within the site.
  • People visiting your site can comment on any page. Comments send you (and anyone else who has registered and is interested) an email notification, and are displayed in a special area below page content. As the administrator, you can delete individual comments or turn the feature off altogether.
  • Every edit to a page creates a new version. Review all versions of a page, and roll-back to any version.
  • A "diff" tool visually compares different versions of a page to show what has changed.
  • Concurrent editing support merges changes, or prompts the user with a Diff comparison of edits in the event of a merge conflict.
  • There are lots of ways for a group to stay informed about changes to a site. See the Notification Features section for details.